Chapter Notes

Erin thought it a good idea to add a note feature; Take notes while you read a book, then compile them to write a school report! A fantastic idea!

This feature is definitely in our development queue. No time has been scheduled to begin this effort just yet, so stay tuned. I will keep planning and progress updated on this post.

Thanks for reading!

Bringing Back the Dictionary

An older version of joggoon included an inline dictionary, allowing the reader to highlight a word and receive an instant definition without leaving the page. After our major overhaul and complete re-coding of the site, this feature was set aside for a later time.

That “time” is long overdue, so we will get back on track to bring this feature back into our Book Reader Interface.


Offline Application

I have been working late nights for a few days and have a preliminary version of an offline application working. What does this mean to you? If my testing proves successful, eventually you will be able to download and store selected whole books on your tablet or computer for offline reading. Take a book or two to read on the plane or where WiFi access is shoddy.

Once the application is available for use on a select number of books, I will announce it on this blog along with the list of books available for FREE download.