The Non-fiction genre is very broad. The criteria for a text to be classified as Non-fiction is the factual nature of its subject matter. The premise of fact and truth are, of course, subject to dispute and subjectivity. However, a text might still be classified Non-fiction even if the facts or truths held within are disproven or not agreed upon by everyone. For example, the Bible, and other religious or mythological works are considered Non-fiction because some people believe them to be fact.

There are 5 related books   

Title: The Americanism of Washington

Author: Henry Van Dyke

Published: 1906

Genre: Non-fiction

Title: How to Analyze People on Sight

Author: Elsie Lincoln Benedict

Published: 1921

Genre: Non-fiction

Title: Attack

Author: Edward G. D. Liveing

Published: 1918

Genre: History, War, Non-fiction

Title: Hidden Treasures or, Why Some Succeed While Others Fail

Author: Harry A. Lewis

Published: 1887

Genre: Non-fiction, Historical

Title: True Detective Stories

Author: Cleveland Moffett

Published: 1897

Genre: Non-fiction

There are 5 related books