William John Locke

William John Locke William John Locke (20 March 1863 - 15 May 1930) was a novelist and playwright, born in Cunningsbury St George, Christ Church, Demerara, British Guyana on the 20th March 1863, the eldest son of John Locke, Bank Manager of Barbados, and his first wife, Sarah Elizabeth Locke. His parents were English. In 1864 his family moved to Trinidad and Tobago. In 1865, a second son was born, Charlie Alfred Locke, who was eventually to become a doctor. Charlie Locke died in 1904 aged 39. His half-sister, Anna Alexandra Hyde, by his father's second marriage, died in 1898 in childbirth aged 25.

On the 19th May 1911, W.J. Locke married Amiee Maxwell Close, the divorced wife of Percy Hamilton Close in Chelsea in the City of London. The Wedding was attended by Alice Baines and James Douglas.

Five times Locke's books made the list of best-selling novels in the United States for the year as determined by the New York Times.

Locke died of cancer at 64 rue Desbordes Valmore, Paris, France on 15 May 1930.

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There are 2 related books